Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mealtime Excitement

Today we have a takeout meal from Blue at the Topaz restaurant.

They're open for lunch and dinner through the week. Lunch items range from $7-15 for most sandwiches and appetizers, and dinner runs from $16-30 for fresh seafood and gourmet selections.

I chose the Blue Burger today; it consists of the patty, fresh portabella slices, thick-cut uncured bacon, Cheddar slices, and sautéed onions.  Cooked medium-well, served on a toasted hoagie roll.

Sweet Potato French fries was my side, sprinkled with rock salt and a touch of cinnamon.
They also tossed in salty coleslaw and a pickle spear, both of which I avoided.

The burger was excellent, pink and juicy.  
They went a little light on the seasoning/char-grilling this time though, so I added a bit of salt.

Fries were delicious as usual, I steered away from the cinnamon honey-butter they included with them. Too heavy for a work lunch.

All in all another good experience from The Blue. Not a bad meal for $8.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kitty Update, and more!

Hey Y'all I'm back after another long blogbreak...
sorry and all that :p

Heres some recent (and not so recent) pics of our kitties.

here they are one night after they went to sleep.
I turned the light on and they all sprung up with their eyes closed :)

Heres another freezing night,
they are all getting comfortable on Zander's winter jacket on our dryer.

Just chillen on the truck.
they have a fascination with vehicles all of a sudden

Food Time!

On the way to World Market
with the person who did my AMAZING blog redesign :D
(love it!)

My newest Neighbor Eliza Colbie Lampe!


I think this wraps up another post for now,
As usual i'll try and post more often....

Until then God bless


Friday, November 13, 2009

The first of many mini's!

I would like to start this post off with many deep and heartfelt apologies to all my friends out there. It has been far too long between posting.

I shall be trying out a new style of blogging. Miniposting. Just 1 or 2 pictures with captions or perhaps a story a few times a week.

I'm going to try and make up for my appalling lack of posts by flooding y'all with new ones!

So without further ado..

Today's picture is our newest editions to the Lynn family, many of you have already been aquainted with them... :)

Our 3 kitties :)

We have the girl Tipper looking at the camera,

The fierce midget lion Chancho asleep at the bottom of the pile,

And the crazy Boots, chaser of his own tail.

They have made this old guitar case their permanent home along with some cushy blankets.

I'm sure you will be seeing much more of these 3 crazies. But for now..

Aloha and God bless.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I shall start this post with some pics from our amazing thrifting day which we planned with the Stone Family.
Unfortunately I did not get many pics but I've heard rumors there may be a post dedicated to this awesome day in the works.

Headin' out ready for a long fun day of thrifting!

A little boy on the street corner.
not sure why I took this picture. I think Anna liked it or needed it for a class....

Victory! walking out with the spoils of the day

the next band of Thrifters emerging :)

And at the end of the day. a vanload full of spoils and smiles :)
hopefully we shall do it again soon!


Here is a neat bug I found eating Lauren's Squash plant one fine spring day

Mothers Day 2009. I love my Mom!

Zander, Nathan, and their new friends

The little pile of babies.... rather creepy.

There's my friend Hubert. not to be confused with the dog.

Here's me and Meesh saving Hubert. we shocked him back into shape :)


I shall have more posts coming soon!

Until then God Bless All you fellow Bloggers out there :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

A Compilation

As I sit down at the end of this long day, talking to friends and uploading pics.
I realize how blessed I am to live the life that I do.

So Here is a lil tayste (in Ignacio's accent) of what i dewww.... lately. :)

--Lynn Family Water Park--

This is the sight that greeted me after emerging from our abode after the torrential monsoon that hit our area of "paradise"

We took our boogie boards out and floated around in our overflowing pond

this is pretty rocking! I got Zander midsplash, and if you look carefully in the background you can see Emma jumping and chasing something!

Zander doing his Kamikaze thing...

The Landing

Bringing out the big board!

Zander showing his crazy surfing skilz!
seriously. how many guys can paddle a board fast enough to stand up on it?

I love Meesh's smile!

Zander doing his "model" pose :)

Well, I had originally planned on doing a Ginormous post tonight.
Covering about 2 weeks worth of Happenings.
It's not gonna happen. It's 10:48 and my bed is calling me from across the house.

Hopefully I will have time for more posts in the near future!

God Bless and Farewell peasants :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Truck Project. Part 3. --The Interior Part 1--

Here is the interior of the truck after taking the dash and plastic parts out of it
The thing I love about my truck is that everything comes apart with either
a screwdriver, or hex wrench!

Here is the dashboard. not a very good picture but oh well...
(btw that is an airsoft pistol in the pic)

Here are the a/c vents. they were black but I took them apart and cleaned them.
painted em black and red, and put it back together.
I think they look pretty rockin!

Here is a plastic side panel from the cab of the truck.
quite nasty.
most of the panels were in this shape or worse

more random panels to be cleaned and painted...

Starting to paint the panels...

Here is a neat before and after shot of the rear panels.

Side floor panels after being painted.

Random cab panels after painting.
looking much nicer :D

Unfortunately the rain has delayed my installation so....
I shall get back to ya'll with shots of what it all looks like in the cab!

The Truck Project. Part 2. --The Foglights--

Here is the truck before installation.
I originally wanted the foglights to go above the bumper between the turn signal lights,
but there were no mounting brackets that would fit right there.

After the installation.
Zander's behind the wheel hamming it up

Lights, Camera, Action!

Later that night.
Foglights only

Fog's and Bright's

for $20.00 i think it was a good investment. the stock lights on it are horrible.
Even with the brights on it didn't light up the road.

of course now the problem is solved :)